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Chinese Astrology: Decode the Zodiac to Live Your Best Life

Chinese Astrology: Decode the Zodiac to Live Your Best Life

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Discover the ancient wisdom of the Chinese zodiac to get lucky in life, work and love.

Are you a charismatic tiger, a lucky rabbit or perhaps a witty monkey? Whatever your zodiac animal, this essential beginner's guide to Chinese astrology will help you to understand yourself more deeply and make better decisions in everyday life.

This stunningly illustrated, vibrant guide provides a practical and beautiful introduction to the rich, complex tapestry of the Chinese zodiac, and is filled with profound insights to help you navigate career, love and home life.

You will learn how each of the 12 animal signs of the zodiac influence our personalities, strengths and weaknesses, and compatibility with others. Within each chapter, there will be advice for readers born in the year of each animal about how to use this self-knowledge to improve their work, friendships and relationships.

There are also special features spreads which explore the Legend of the Twelve Animals, the Wheel of Love, Lunar New Year celebrations, and more.
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